The founder’s ally

At GEX, we’ve been investing in global Iranian entrepreneurs since 2015. Our belief in the future of this strategy and the underlying community led us to rebrand from Iratel Ventures to GEX, to signify the Global Entrepreneur Experience. We deeply respect the special journey global entrepreneurs go through and strive to capture the essence of the resulting experience to inform our decision making for new investments. Our investment journey began with the exploration of fostering connections between Tehran and Silicon Valley. In Tehran, we organized local events, made angel investments, and established an innovation lab. In Silicon Valley, London, and Vancouver, we invested in numerous startups and a couple of funds. Venture capital is a long-term endeavor, typically taking 6-10 years for investment results to become reliable. We are now starting to witness the fruits of our labor. Our direct investments have consistently performed well, ranking in the 88th percentile according to the AngelList VC fund performance calculator. This underscores the global strength of Iranian entrepreneurs.

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